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5 Important Customer Service Skills

Professionals wanting to succeed in a variety of industries will need onre core set of skills. These skills typically revolve around fulfilling the expectations of their customer, it can be one of the most rewarding and challenging parts of work life. Without a strong foundation in customer service, a business is unlikely to succeed in the marketplace.

Here are some of the critical customer service skills that professionals should strive to learn or improve in order to better serve their customers:


Listening: It’s important to acknowledge that you are actively listening to the needs and wants of the customer through the means of non-verbal communication, such as making eye contact and nodding. Additionally, by asking them clarifying questions – you are confirming to them that you are giving them your full attention.


Patience: There will be instances when a customer service professional will encounter a difficult, or rude customer. This is one of the most challenging obstacles for a professional to overcome. Not taking it personally is the most important perspective to hold when being presented with an angry customer. Patience and empathy are important attributes to possess.


Empathy: Being able to insert one’s self into the shoes of thers and looking at an issue from another’s view is encapsulated in the skill of being empathetic. This allows you better handle confrontations, and interact in a way that promotes reconciliation and conflict resolution. Empathy allows you to ask yourself, “How would you like to be treated as the customer in this situation?”.


Humour: Being able to hold light-hearted conversations or even utilize humour to engage clients are a critical skill for a customer service professional to have. Being able to have a laugh with the customer can change the interaction to be more positive. In some cases, it may even assist in de-escalating a situation. Do not underestimate the power of laughter in social situations.


Feedback: The best customer service professionals are always the individuals that are constantly improving their skillsets. One of the more effective ways to improve their service is by soliciting feedback from customers. By studying the evaluation provided by the customers, the individual can take corrective steps to better their level of service.

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