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Takeaways: Business Writing Skills

Takeaways is an Training Art by IK exclusive series where we give you some quick tips gleaned from our training programmes. The series aims to give you some useful tips and a taste of what some of our training programs can provide you.

Today’s takeaway are some tips for Business Writing:

Remove redundant words

Part of effective business communication is to ensure efficiency in your writing. Redundancies such as “literal facts” and “advance warning” are examples of this. Though theese are grammatically sound in structure, they do prolong the message unnecessarily. Therefore, learning how to shorten sentences whilst still communicating the full message is an essential skill to learn. Over time, you will develop the skill to catch yourself from overusing redundant terms.


Grammatically sound sentences

Checking your work for basic grammar errors can mean the difference between correspondence that looks messy and one that looks professional. This can also include checking for spelling errors and typos, common ones include confusing “Your” with “You’re” (You are). This might seem a simple fix at first, but it’s the small details in the writing that lets your writing really shine through.


Expand your vocabulary

Another great way to polish your business writing is to stop over-using the word “very”. For example, you could substitute “very fast” with the word “swift”. You could also use the word “very happy” with “elated”. Those are just a couple of examples to make your business correspondences a little more professional, whilst also standing out from other pieces of writing.


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