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Takeaways: HR Management with IK

Takeaways is a new IK-exclusive Blog Series that shares some key tasty “takeaways” from real training sessions that we host online or offline with industry experts.

Here are some of the useful protips that you can immediately read about, and apply to the your workplace. Naturally, this is just a small sampling of what you can expect from attending a full training session with IK Academy!

Takeaway 1: Ensure that your HR team are not only proficient with the clauses of the Employment Act of Malaysia, but always remind them that they must have the emotional capacity to listen to your employees and have the compassion to help them when they are in need. The best motivator for people isn’t always monetary rewards – but it can be as simple as allowing two-way communication between the staff and management.

Takeaway 2: HR Administrators should understand that it is mandatory to conduct an Internal Domestic Inquiry when an employee does something wrong that breaches the organization’s code of conduct. Failure to do so will result in a wrongful dismissal claim by the employee, and this could cost the business thousands in backpay if the tribunal closes in the employee’s favour. The domestic inquiry proves that the company has performed their due diligence during the grievance process.

Takeaway 3: Understand that the law doesn’t recognize employees as being on probation or confirmed, just that they are simply employees – and if they meet the requirements are always treated as such under the auspices of the Employment Act of Malaysia. HR executives should not let industry or business norms lead to an inccorect interpretation of what the law actually states.


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