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Internal Communications Trends for 2021

A solid internal communications plan is the gateway to corporate success in the current times. The way in which management communicates events and changes to employees matter, not just when and how – but also who does the communicating. This has become more inherently important during the pandemic forcing remote communciations between teams and departments. According the linezero, a corporate networking provider – here are the trends:


Focus on the “Employee Experience”

There has been a recent market-wide focus on ensuring that your employees are informed with new regulations, procedures, and restrictions based solely on the time that we are living in. By ensuring a smooth flow on internal channels of communication, you can ensure your employees’ safety as they return to normal working conditions. This includes making sure everyone knows the safe operating distance, sanitization station locations, and also how to respond when someone requires medical assistance.


Leaders should communicate effectively

When a company has something eventful occur, they want to hear the news straight from the top positions of management – not from their fellow peers. Events and occurences should be acknowledged and then communicated about by their superiors, not by their colleagues.

This is because only the leaders in an organization can provide confirmation, clarity, and reassurance. Without a voice of authority or decision-maker to confirm uncertainties, people will not feel a sense of closure or confidence.


Update your employees regularly

One of the latest trends that we are noticing is that more companies have begun to provide more formalized updates on what is happening in the company, on a more frequent timetable. This includes monthly and quarterly reports by the management about new products, services, and events that the company is planning for.

Companies that provide their employees with frequent updates have found that staff members tend to be more engaged with their work and workplace, and feel more valued because management deems them important enough to inform them of future plans at regular intervals. Surveys show that 70% of companies want to implement better internal reporting, but less than 30% actually follow through on these plans.

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