Accounting Administration

5 Traits of Effective Accounting

Accountants have to deal with the operational numbers of any organization, and most often than not are always viewed as a rather insular profession that revolves around non-stop number crunching, however – according to Brightnetwork UK, there are 5 important traits that contribute to creating good accountants.



Being able to work as a part of a greater team to communicate financial information to other departments and personnel that may not be versed in accounting lingo is vital. As an accountant, you have to be able to communicate rather complex ideas in a manner that is easily understood in order to get your message across.



The ability to think creatively on your feet is also a desirable trait to have as an accountant, people need to know that they can rely on you to come up with effective solutions in an every-changing and dynamic business world. Demonstrating that you can effectively work at a problem means that more responsibility and opportunity will be presented to you.



Good corporate and personal ethics plays a large role in your accounting career. This all revolves the most powerful currency in professional circles: Trust. You need to earn trust and maintain it because you are dealing with one of the most crucial aspects of the business. Being known for conducting your work ethically and in a trustworthy manner will go a long way.


International Experience

As the world economies continue to be increasingly globalized, more organizations are looking beyond their borders of origin for expansion. As such, international work experience amongst the accounting team has become a desired trait for many leaders. This should be an adaptive career consideration for accounting professionals.


Commercial Awareness

Part of being an effective accountant is being commercially aware. What does this mean? It means knowing where your business fits in the overall market. It is about procuring knowledge about how your organization is affected by economic and socio-political factors, and what you can recommend to bring your company forward in that environment.

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