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Three tips for Employee Retention

The cost of training and recruitment has seen a continuous increase throughout the years. Companies have found it increasingly challenging and difficult in order to train and retain staff before they leave to other organizations (or competitors) that can offer a higher a wage because you have already trained the employee for them.

What are the steps you can take to avoid this scenario? According to IK Academy’s own HR management expert, here are a few:


Offer them a Mentor role

Nominating them to be a mentor for a knowledge-sharing program will immediately signal to them that you have been paying attention to their work, skills, and recognize their achievements. Contrary to popular belief, a monetary reward is not always the only factor that can motivate your staff members from leaving – simple work recognition of their efforts goes a long. This however, requires a leader that understands their team well.


Delegate tasks effectively

Every organization has a handful of top performing staff members that end up with the lion’s share of the work. This is because they will always accept the tasks given to them by their superiors. Unfortunately, this also results in burnout – which brings their morale and productivity to extremely low levels. It may also result in the staff member leaving because they don’t feel like everyone else is doing their part for the organization. So it’s worth thinking about fair and equal work delegation.


Send them for a Training Session

By sending them to training, you show them that you value their career and skill advancement enough that you are willing to invest into improving their professional/technical skills. This also has a win-win effect of allowing your employee to potentially be more effective and efficient at their current job-scope, increasing their productivity and benefitting your organizational goals.

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