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3 Effective Marketing Tips for 2022

2022 is the year that creating an individual and unique brand will rely almost solely on the multimedia sphere of video marketing, big data analysis, and turning cold marketing into an education and influencing opportunity, according to the website entrepreneur.


Video Marketing

Youtube continues to be the biggest driving force of getting your brand name out to the general masses. Youtube singlehandedly controls the 18-34 y/o demographic, so much so that more people in that age group watch Youtube more than any other cable TV or network TV demographic combined. Success in 2022 means being able to find success in Youtube. Part of the challenge is aligning your content in a way that takes advantage of the mysterious “algorithm” that promotes your channel to the front page – this can often make or break Youtube career success.


Content Marketing

With more people online now more than ever, content such as produced videos, guides, vlogs, or other video media that is well scripted or serialized (into a daily or weekly series) remains the very bread and butter of most organizations. Digital content such as podcasts are also extremely popular with all ages as podcasts are easy to consume and relatively simple to produce with minimal equipment. Other content such as “Live Reacts” have become extremely popular on platforms such as Twitch and Youtube, attracting the younger demographic – which continues to be the group that drives growth in the sector.


Marketing Teams

New Marketing teams are smaller and more customer-focused. Focusing less on product and service design, and more about tailoring it to the needs of individuals or specific organizations. New marketing professionals are both able to analyze and interpret big data points effectively. 2022 is the year where analysts will shine as more and more organizations are moving to pattern and consumption analysis to predict where and when their products will be in most demand – along with the consumption behaviours of their clients.

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