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Established in 2010, Training ART is a subsidiary company of IK Academy (ASIA IKNOWLEDGE SDN BHD). We see training as a form of art where it allows individuals to explore their capability, with our guidance. We believe that everyone is innately smart and competent; we merely unearth their potential and sculpt individuals to bring positive impact and changes at work and in life. When individuals realise their potential and pair it with a clear sense of purpose, they can perform beyond expectations.

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Everyone has the potential to be extraordinary. We want to help individuals realise their potential and help organisations reach new heights.


To provide exciting ways for people to learn, grow, and discover new perspectives in everyday life.

What We Believe In

Be uniquely different, be a trendsetter

Bridging the gap between you and your goals requires hard work

Focus on the process, all else will follow

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We find joy and pride in what we do; helping individuals see their potential and igniting their flames within to pursue excellence. The training we provide helps improve skills and knowledge which in turn, allows individuals to perform at their peak at the workplace and in life. Rest assured that the journey to excellence with us is nothing short of insightful, eye-opening, and fun.

We’ve had the pleasure to walk with them.

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