In-house Customised Training Programme

Training ART offers fully customisable training programmes across a variety of sectors that can meet your organisation’s specific needs and required standards. Our customisable training programmes not only drive productivity and performance, they are also fun, engaging, and sustainable. Available online and offline, all our training programmes are also HRD Corp claimable.

Not every organisation is built the same. Your organisation’s needs and employees’ skillsets are uniquely different. With your goals in mind, we’ll be able to curate a training programme that works just for you!

Specific programme content curated for your organisation

Detailed programme catered to your organisation’s goals, culture, & strategic plans

Access to experienced, subject-matter trainers with the ability to unearth the potential of your employees and help them shine

The location of where the training is held matters. Whether it is in-house or off-site, they both offer a different unique experience.

In-House Training

  • Team building opportunities via collaboration with team members
  • Increased convenience
  • Cost-effective

Off-Site Training

  • Fresh perspective in a new environment
  • Improved training facilities & venues
  • Removes distraction & interruption

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Find out more about the current HRD Corp Allowable Cost Matrix

Public Programme

Here at Training ART, we offer purposeful public programmes created by industry experts. Our public programmes are available for employees from any organisation, or any individual who is keen to learn. Conducted by knowledgeable trainers, our public programmes are held either online, or at a comfortable venue with convenient location and good facilities. All of our programmes are HRD Corp claimable. Find out what public programmes we’re currently offering.

You don’t need to be in a large group to engage in a training programme with us.
We welcome individuals and small groups too!

  • Cost-effective way to train small number of employees.
  • An opportunity to network with peers from different industries.
  • Consistent programme content where you will learn the same content with people who have been on the course.

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